Mac Apps

Forecaster for Mac


Forecaster is a modern weather app for the Mac. It combines a clean modern interface with detailed text based forecasts. You won't be left wondering how much snow you will recieve, or how big the waves will be on the bay today.
Webcam Time Lapse for Mac

Webcam Time Lapse

Webcam Time Lapse is a utility to create stunning time lapse movies from any webcam connected to your computer or webcam that serves up static images (jpeg,tiff,gif,png) over the internet.
Simple Flash Cards for Mac

Simple Flash Cards

The most intuitive digital flash card app. Works exactly like you would expect a stack of flash cards to work. Ability to create numerous stacks of notecards, shuffle, edit, and blur the content to test your knowledge.
Loan Calculator for Mac

Loan Calculator

Great loan calculator that has been available for years on the Mac. It is helpful in calculating payments on home mortgages, auto loans, student loans, and more. Version 2 added an updated interface and the ability to export and print calculations.
HTML Entities for Mac

HTML Entities

Encode text and symbols to their correct html entity representation. Decode html entities into their plain text representation. Encode large body's of text in preparation for pasting into HTML documents. Encode HTML for web tutorials. This app also implements a number of services so that you can convert text on the fly in other applications.
KML Colors for Mac

KML Colors

Simple Utility for generating hex color value for KML files. Takes the pain away from converting the R,G,B and alpha values to hex by hand. This KML color picker does all the work for you and gives you a nice preview of how the color will look on a map.

iOS Apps

Ski to Sea for iOS

Ski to Sea

App for the annual Ski to Sea Race in Whatcom County (Northwest Washington). Access live results from each leg on your iOS device. Results are available for teams and individuals. Save your favorite teams to quickly keep up with them during the race. Recieve push notifications when any team in your favorites finishes a leg.
Loan Calculator for iOS

Loan Calculator Mobile

Easy to use loan calculator with built-in amortization table for iPhone. This was my first iOS project years ago and was recently merged with the desktop version of Loan Calculator. It needs to be updated.