Webcam Time Lapse for Mac

Webcam Time Lapse


About Webcam TIme Lapse

Utility to create stunning time lapse movies from any webcam that serves up static images (jpeg,tiff,gif,png). Simply put in the url to a webcam image. Select the rate to download images, set the frames per second on the output, and click record. After a couple of hours you will have a time lapse of the webcam.

Great for security, setup a webcam at your house and record.

Also can create time lapse movies from attached webcams or built in iSight/Facetime cameras.

Where to Find It

Webcam Time Lapse is available on the Mac App Store.

Available on Mac App Store

Release Notes

Version 2.2

Performance updates and minor bug fixes.

Version 2.1

Reworked image processing to drastically decrease memory usage.

Version 2.0

Upgraded for retina graphics and support for Mavericks.
Moved from QTKit (now deprecated) to AVFoundation.

Version 1.2.2

Added support for DV cameras.

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